So, I end up creating and recreating a lot of stuff for my troop and scouts in general. This page is where I share the digital creations. 

Troop Self-Assessment

The BSA released the awesome Troop Leader Guidebook a couple of years ago. In the first volume, there is a Troop Self-Assessment which is a very handy tool for gauging where your troop is at with various metrics. Unfortunately, the BSA didn't think it was a good idea to put this assessment online so it could be easily printed. So, I recreated the assessment in Excel and both are provided here. I don't have all the formulas written in the Excel version yet but I'll get that done and update the site soon.

Assessment Download (Excel) Assessment Download (PDF)


Keep in mind that a lot of stuff in scouting is shared and often times we don't know who the original creators are so please don't be offended if you find something here that was originally your work. Just let me know and we can figure something out.